Ryan Oliver Quartet - Saturday, July 27th, 2024 @ 8:30pm


Vancouver's Ryan Oliver Quartet

Ryan Oliver - Sax
Brian Dickinson - Piano
Neil Swainson - Bass
Terry Clarke - Drums


- There are no physical/digital tickets. After purchasing tickets, your name will be added to our guest list. Please bring ID on the night of the performance that matches the name on the order confirmation. NO PHYSICAL TICKETS, NAME AT DOOR

- If your party purchased tickets through multiple transactions (including different names) please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that you are seated together. WANT TO BE SEATED TOGETHER?...LET US KNOW

- Seating is assigned by our system on a first-come, first-served basis based on the date and time of your purchase order (not your arrival to the club that evening). SEATS ARE ASSIGNED AHEAD OF TIME

- The earliest your party can be seated is 8PM. If you arrive earlier than this, you may be required to wait until your table is ready, and/or pay (full or partial) cover for the 5:30pm show.  DOORS OPEN @ 8

- Presale tickets are available until 8PM the day of the performance, we recommend booking as early as possible to guarantee the best seats.

- On the night of the show, unsold presale tickets are made available at the door on a first-come first-served basis.

- Parties larger than 6 may be split between multiple tables depending on availability. These seats may be divided by an aisle.

- All orders that include an INDIVIDUAL / SINGLE (1) ticket in ANY section (excluding FRONT SINGLE SECTION) may be seated next to other patrons.

- We cannot accommodate parties larger than 6 in the FRONT SECTION. We accept larger parties: your group will be in the same section but it will be split between multiple tables across the venue (depending on availability). These seats may also be divided by an aisle and/or plexiglass. We recommend calling us if you have questions about seating.
- Middle & Back Sections can usually accommodate larger parties based on availability. We cannot guarantee that all your guests will be at the same table.

- Purchase of ticket(s) ensures we will hold your reserved table throughout the entirety of the first set (8:30-9:30 pm).
- If your party has not arrived and we have not been contacted directly (by phone or email) by the end of the first set, you will forfeit your specific seats. In this case, we reserve the right to seat incoming patrons at that 'reserved' table.
-Your party will be sat at the first open table AFTER your arrival if, and when, it becomes available.

Front Center - Unobstructed Views, Closest to Stage. MAX GROUP SIZE 6 PEOPLE. (NO SINGLES)
Front East - Unobstructed Views (Pillar in the Area), Closest to Stage. MAX 5 (NO SINGLES)
Front Single - Unobstructed Views, Closest To Stage, Accommodates 1 total. (NO GROUPS)
Front East Groups - Mildly Obstructed Views (Piano Only), Closest to Stage. Group Seating (accommodates up to 3 total). 1 ticket = 1 table with 3 seats. 
Front Pillars - Mildly Obstructed Views (Pillar in the Area), Close to Stage. Accommodates 1 or 2 Patrons (Limited Table Area)
Bar Seating - Most Bar Seats have Unobstructed Views (pillars in the area at ends), Tall Stools. Accommodates 4 Max
Tall Bar Tables - Tall Bar Stool Seating (often several different groups seated together) Accommodates Groups Max 10
Upper Back West Groups - Unobstructed Views, Accommodates 3 total. ticket = 1 table with 3 seats
Upper Back East - Mildly Obstructed Views, Upper Back Section, Max 4 (NO SINGLES)
Upper Back Tall - Obstructed Views, Upper Back Section Group Seating. Max 6
Booth Seating- Mildly obstructed Views (Piano/Back of Stage Only),  (accommodates 4 Total) 1 Booth = 4 seats total

All Sales are Final - No Refunds [Excluding scheduled performances that are cancelled]

- Since we are primarily a concert venue, socializing, talking across tables, and making excessive noise during the performances is strongly discouraged. We request that all patrons converse during the show intermissions to avoid disturbing other guests.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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