Genuine Inclusivity: Doubling Down on Diversity

Being born in Toronto must be one of the greatest uncontrollable lotteries I ever won. It truly is inspiring to live in a place where everyone seems to come from such diverse backgrounds, yet all feel connected through a common goals/dreams. The city of Toronto has almost always been a concentrated amplification of Canada's self-contained diversity of population. Reflecting its complex ethnic fusions and delicately balancing a variety of beliefs, the businesses in the city have more than just an obligation to uphold this type of diversity, but for a lot of them it is something they are actually proud of keeping up. 

If you've ever been to the Rex, you'll understand just how important diversity is. The Rex has the most diverse patrons of almost any business you can think of. On any given day, you will see lawyers and business people in expensive suits and ties grabbing a beer across from some art students who are working on a project. In the same room you will also find a Peruvian couple experiencing a true Canadian breakfast for the first time, while a local courier has their usual meal with the police officer from up the street  who comes in every morning. There is no telling who will walk in through its doors, but one thing is for certain: they are welcome.

Similar to the sitcom bar where 'everybody knows your name', coming to the Rex feels like stepping into a time machine and going back to your favourite hangout spot. There's a certain charm in the atmosphere within these walls that are cluttered with pictures of renowned musicians, their ever-smiling staff always ready to offer their service, and of course the music. Sometimes soft and lingering, other times bold and booming, but always magnetic in its nature. When you walk in through these doors, it does not matter who you are or what you did that day: you belong. No matter what your background is or who you support: you are welcome. This accessibility and openness not only manifests with the customers, but also translates to the staff employed here. From all walks of life, and a multitude of cultural backgrounds, our Rex family is just that: a family. Some days are more challenging than others, but throughout all the good and bad times the Rex team has always got each others' back. The love and care that flows throughout the daily tasks accomplished by staff at the Rex is not only evident, but also part of the reason people keep coming back.